Used & Refurbished Equipment

CME carries a variety of pre-owned and biomed re-certified equipment!

Our stocked refurbished items are always changing. Please contact our Pre-owned Equipment Manager Jay Friese at (401) 921-8218 or jfriese@cmecorp.com for any inquiries.

Some of CME’s top moving refurbished items are:

CME also buys used medical equipment from hospitals and facilities all across the country!

This can save your facility on monthly storage fees, free up warehouse space and/or monetize old assets! We can also help you assess what your items are worth and if we have a need for them, we will make you a cash offer! Please reach out to us with a list of what you are looking to move and we’d be happy to make an offer and if agreed upon we handle all freight charges.

We can also work trade in deals when looking at replacing current equipment that is in service. work with your local sales rep or speak to Jay Friese at (401) 921-8218 or jfriese@cmecorp.com for more information

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