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3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

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3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

Cardiology & High Performance Stethoscope, Adult & Pediatric Use, Black

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The 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope offers two tunable diaphragms which allows the user to conveniently alternate between low and high frequency sounds without turning over the chest piece.

Key Features:

  • Conveniently alternate between low- and high-frequency sounds without need to turn over chestpiece. 
  • Solid stainless steel chestpiece provides outstanding acoustic performance.
  • Anatomically correct headset minimizes air leaks and prevents the headset from loosening over time.
  • Comfortably angled to meet the path of the ear canal.
  • Snap-tight, soft-sealing eartips provide maximum comfort with a personal fit.
  • Two tubes are incorporated into a single-tube design (dual lumen) that eliminates noise interference created from two tubes rubbing together.
  • Exceptional acoustic seal. 
  • Patient-friendly: non-chill rim and diaphragm.
  • Easy to use: The large side can be used for adult patients, while the small side is especially useful for pediatric or thin patients, around bandages, and for carotid assessment.

Tunable Diaphragm – the Heart of the Cardiology III Stethoscope:

With its innovative tunable diaphragm technology, the Cardiology III provides both bell (low frequency) and diaphragm (high frequency) capability during use.

Switching between bell and diaphragm modes is as easy as a simple pressure change on the chestpiece, which means there is no need to remove, index and replace for same-site auscultation or turning over the chestpiece. This time-saving feature allows for focus on the patient.

The diaphragm on the small side is easily removable and, with the included nonchill bell sleeve, converts to a traditional open bell for capturing low frequencies.

Resilient tubing folds tightly for pocket portability and retains its shape while patented Snap Tight Soft-Sealing Eartips help form an effective acoustic seal. The anatomically correct headset is angled to channel sound and enhance listening comfort while the nonchill rim and diaphragm provide patient comfort. 

The Cardiology III stethoscope is used by students and medical professionals such as cardiologists, pediatricians, and other healthcare providers to identify, listen to, and study cardiac, lung, and other body sounds in adult, pediatric patients.


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