Blue Chip Medical Pre-Vent II Elite Series

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Blue Chip Medical Pre-Vent Elite Series® Bariatric Mattress System w/ Butyl-Backed Nylon Cover Prevention by Suspension.

The Pre-Vent Series® of therapeutic pressure redistribution mattresses is the culmination of extensive research and testing. Blue Chip Medical’s exclusive Sphere® and Hexon® designs react to body weight displacement across the entire surface. This prevents and relieves pressure sores by keeping the body in a constant state of suspension; Prevention by Suspension. Our unique shapes together with our Med-Flex® VPF foams, react instinctively to a compression set, allowing for a fully automatic, totally zoned surface. Other manufacturers' surfaces are zone specific and must always take into consideration a patients weight, size (build) and shape.

Blue Chip's patent pending Sphere® and Hexon® designs act independently as its own self-adjusting, pressure-redistribution zone. Every component undergoes a strict protocol to ensure clinical efficacy, infection control standards and durability for the life of the mattress. VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) Manufacturing Process VPF is the most modern manufacturing process used today. This process, known as Chamber Technology, uses an enclosed controlled environment rather than a traditional open-line pour. Chamber Technology allows for the precision control of atmospheric pressures during manufacturing adding to the purity of the foam’s cell structure. This method greatly reduces the sag factor (deflection), thereby enhancing the product’s life and extending the uncompromised pressure-redistributing qualities of our foam mattress systems.

VPF technology enables Blue Chip to warranty the longevity of our Pre-Vent Series mattresses to outlast all other conventional mattress systems. Med-Flex VPF Foam Formulation Med-Flex® VPF foam is our exclusive formulation made from a much higher polymer fill content in respect to conventionally poured foams. In conjunction with Chamber Technology Med-Flex® VPF foam produces a longer lasting, softer cell structure, yielding greater support without compromising true foam comfort. Med-Flex® VPF foam allows us to produce variable densities and IFDs’ (indentation force deflection), which are stronger in strength (tensile), and provide overall durability factors never realized in a medical mattress application. The Med-Flex® VPF foam height retention loss is virtually eliminated, offering effective clinical outcomes over its entire life. All Med-Flex® VPF foam's are anti-microbial and fire retardant.

The Sphere® The patent-pending anatomically inspired sphere shape offers the most unique design the therapeutic support surface industry has ever seen. The Sphere® design is clinically effective in redistributing the interface pressures which create pressure sores. Compressing the sphere down expands the surface area into a flat pressure-redistribution surface to evenly distribute and support the patient’s weight across the entire mattress surface. Each sphere® acts independently as its own self-adjusting pressure-redistribution zone. As the body moves across the mattress, the spheres’ touch points help stimulate blood flow. The sphere® design permits air circulation, reducing heat build-up which provides a much cooler, more comfortable support surface. Barrier Lok Infection Control System Blue Chip’s exclusive Barrier Lok® feature virtually seals and protects the inner foam core of the mattress by preventing the leaching of fluids from penetrating the perimeter seam of the mattress. The Barrier Lok® ensures that infection control standards are maintained, thereby providing investment protection on all Pre-Vent Series® mattress systems. Dual-Protection Slip Layer Our silk film slip layer eliminates friction between the inner foam.


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