BR Surgical Laryngeal Mirrors with Handles

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Core Products AKL-6331 Swede-O® Ankle Lok Brace with Knit Tongue is an excellent option for ankle protection, as it is highly effective in keeping the ankle locked in a protected position. Featuring an exclusive lacing system, the Foot Ankle Support is tightly secured. Dual eyelets offer greater leverage when lacing up and the offset layout of the eyelets keeps the laces trapped between the inner and outer layers for a tighter fit that's long-lasting. The stainless steel spiral stays offer added support, which is necessary for weak or injured ankles. With a full elastic back, the Supportive Ankle Brace is comfortable against the achilles tendon and helps reduce the chance of blistering and irritation. Removable side stabilizers offer additional support and protection. The tripled-vinyl construction ensures durability and provides great ankle support. Core Products Swede-O® Ankle Guard can be worn on either the left or right ankle and fits in most athletic shoes.

  • 30 mm
  • Available in various sizes
  • Handles included
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ideal for hospitals and clinics
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