Amico CI Continuous / Intermittent Suction Regulator

Amico CI Continuous / Intermittent Suction Regulator

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Amico CI Continuous / Intermittent Suction Regulator from Amico are ideal for any critical care environment but can also be used in all patient areas since they are considered ‘combination units’.

Amico Vacuum Regulators are the most technologically advanced in the healthcare industry. Modularity allows for easy upgrade from Analog to Digital and from Continuous to Continuous Intermittent models. Digital regulators are the first of their kind in the marketplace. They improve patient care by providing greater accuracy and an easy to read gauge compared to conventional Analog Regulators


  • Easy serviceability and maintenance
  • Full line of Regulators includes: Adult, Surgical, Pediatric and Neonatal models
  • Ability to reverse flush for cleaning (cydex)
  • Only unit on the market with a disposable see-through back body
  • Analog and Digital Gauges
  • Front and Back of See-Through DISPOSABLE Back Channel
  • ABS Polymer Casing
  • Back Plate with Access to Timing Valves
  • On/OFF Timing cycles operate independently and can be adjusted on the back plate of the unit without removing any casing.


  • Dimensions: 5.94” H x 2.93” W x 4.04” D (15.09 x 7.44 x 10.26 cm)
  • Vacuum Range: 0 - 300 mmHg (40 KPA)
  • Battery Lithium: 2, 2/3 AA batteries, 3.6 V, 1.6 Ah, lithium
  • Continuous Flowrate: Adult: 65 LPM, Intermittent Flowrate: Adult: 8 LPM
  • Gauge Accuracy: Analog: ± 3% Full-scale & Digital: ± 1% Full-scale


Additional Information

Manufacturer Amico
Shipping Method Ground
Dimensions 5.94
Warranty Analog:10 Years Warranty;Digital:12 Years Warranty
Accuracy +/- 3% Full-scale
Flow Rate Continuous: 65 LPM/Intermittent: 8 LPM
Range Vacuum Range: 0-300 mmHg (40 kPa)
Time 16 sec on/8 sec off
Battery Type 2 AA batteries, 3.6 V, 1.6 Ah, Lithium