Oakworks Freight Terms

Per the manufacturer, all products shipped from Oakworks become the property of the customer when they are shipped.

If you would like to purchase optional shipping insurance: Please call customer service:1-800-338-2372 prior to purchasing the item or Add a comment during checkout under shipping method to "include optional shipping insurance with your purchase."

Note: If you choose to purchase the additional shipping insurance, the risk and responsibility is still the customers, however, the shipment will be covered for the total value of the shipment should an accident occur or if a shipment arrives damaged to the end user. CME will file the claim on the customer's behalf. The cost of insurance is dependent upon the customer order and cannot be determined until after the purchase is made. If you have any questions please call customer service:1-800-338-2372


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InterMetro (Metro) has been the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of storage and transport products for over 80 years. InterMetro's focus is to provide complete solutions that optimize space, improve workflow and ensure safety. InterMetro offers the latest innovations in shelving products, carts, point-of-care and medication management solutions, a full line of automated medication dispensing equipment, heated cabinets, and more.

Intermetro Carts


Intermetro offers cart product lines to fit your needs such as: Lifeline, Flexline Starsys, & Basix. Carts range from basic utility carts to carts optimized for specific needs: emergency code response, anesthesia, case, isolation, procedure, treatment and other specialty carts.

Featured Preconfigured Carts:


Intermetro offers Cabinets in a variety of sizes. Starsys modular cabinetry facilitates fast, and agile reconfiguration.

Featured Preconfigured Starsys Cabinets:
Intermetro Workcenters


Intermetro Workcenters allow you to expand as your practice expands. Intermetro offers both mobile and stationary workcenters putting the power to change in the hands of the end user.

Intermetro Worktables


Intermetro Worktables; Intermetro offers both mobile and stationary worktables.

Intermetro Security Storage

Security Storage

Intermetro Security Storage protects valuable materials and sensitive items from loss or pilferage.

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