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Cardiette microtel is a 7-12 lead ECG acquirer fitted with a display and keyboard, the basic version of which can acquire and transmit an ECG trace in analogue format to a remote PC via sound coupling.

The device also has the optional possibility of storing up to 40 ECGs in SCP digital format and transmitting them to a local PC via a USB cable or via a wireless connection such as Bluetooth.

There are 2 product versions available, one without a Bluetooth interface and the other with Bluetooth installed:

  • Cardiette microtel
  • Cardiette microtelbt
  • Standard version - cardiette microtel

Basic functional specifications:

  • Standard and/or rechargeable AA batteries
  • System display that allows at least 1 ECG channel to be monitored (password protected service, disabled by default)
  • Functional keyboard for recording operations and sending ECG tests
  • Minimized alpha-numeric keyboard for entering patient data (disabled in the basic product)
  • Ability to simultaneously acquire and store 12 standard leads acquired from a 10 wire cable, or 7 leads (6 peripheral + 1 precordial) acquired from a 5 wire cable.
  • Ability to transmit the ECG in an analogue format via sound coupling.

Optional functional specifications:

Digital Option

Possibility of managing the ECG test in SCP format with storage of up to 40 ECGs. The file is identified by date-time acquisition and through patient data, which can be entered on the minimized alpha-numerical keyboard and system display. Transmission of the ECG file in digital format to the PC via USB port.

Bluetooth version - cardiette microtelbt

The product has the same basic functional characteristics as the previous version, but also includes the Digital Option. Transmission of the ECG file can occur via the USB port and also via the wireless Bluetooth channel.

Manufacturer Cardioline
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