Phononic Evolve 5.5 Cu. Ft. Medical-Grade Undercounter Refrigerator

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From: $2,882.93
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From: $2,882.93
+ Free Shipping. Usually ships in 7-10 business days via Tailgate/Dock Delivery.


Phononic Evolve 5.5 Cu. Ft. Medical-Grade Undercounter Refrigerator. An undercounter medical-grade refrigerator that is quiet and withstands frequent door openings without going out of temperature range. Welcome to a new era of cold.

The Pinnacle of Medical Refrigerators

When the engineers at Phononic started working on the design of the Evolve undercounter refrigerator they had three objectives. To provide the best cold storage protection for sensitive medical and scientific products, adhere to strict healthcare benchmarks for noise control and to maximize the storage capacity of the standard undercounter refrigerator. To build the ultimate medical undercounter refrigerator, we had to start from the ground up, eliminating old inefficient components and designing a new way to provide high performance refrigeration.

High Performance Medical Refrigeration

Evolve reinvents refrigeration by eliminating the large temperature oscillation found in compressor dependent systems, providing a steady state cooling that dynamically adjusts the internal temperature to maintain the set point. A system of constant temperature monitoring and dynamic adjustment reduces the temperature oscillation to less than 0.5 °C, protecting sensitive samples as they are not subject to unnecessary cycles of heating and cooling. Temperature uniformity within the refrigerator is essential to the safety of stored products. The Evolve high performance refrigerator was engineered to eliminate hot and cold spots to provide uniform coldness within the chamber. The resulting +/- 1°C temperature variability across the entire chamber eliminates the need for stabilizing water bottles and ensures that you can trust the entire storage area to keep your products safe.

Protect Plus - ENERGY STAR® Certified

The Evolve Protect Plus refrigerator is the first solid-state medical refrigerator to earn ENERGY STAR certification. The compressor-free design meets guidelines for the controlled storage of vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs, while reducing energy consumption, to reduce your running costs and safeguard our futures.

WHO Noise Recommendation Compliant

Recent research has shown direct correlation between high noise levels and slower patient healing, leading to a new trend in healthcare to reduce the noise level in patient areas. The World Health Organization’s most recent recommendation for hospitals is a maximum noise level of 40 dBA to improve employee productivity and patient outcomes. At less than 35 dBA, Evolve is so quiet that it can be placed in close proximity to workers or patients without adversely affecting productivity or patient outcomes.

Best in the Industry 10-Year Warranty

As soon as a refrigerator breaks down, it is a race against the clock to protect sensitive materials before they reach unsafe temperatures. A compressor free design eliminates the moving parts which are most prone to failure and greatly improves the reliability and the longevity of the Evolve undercounter refrigerator. As the most reliable medical refrigerator available, we stand behind our product with a 10-year heat pump warranty.


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