[MOVED] Midmark M9/M11 Autoclaves and Ultraclaves [REFURBISHED]

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The Midmark Ritter® M9 Ultraclave® Automatic Sterilizer is an easy-to-use tabletop device designed to disinfect instruments in a simple and compact solution. It is a great choice for any hospital, medical facility or private practice with a limited area who want to fight off many infectious organisms in a reliable way.

Strong Heritage

Made with the same quality and reliability as the Ritter® M11, the Ritter® M9 Ultraclave® Automatic Sterilizer features a 9" x 15" steel chamber which is can fit sufficient quantities of instruments and packs. A built-in LCD Display shows and prompts what cycle, temperature and exposure time of the cycle to select. Because of its small-form-factor, the Sterilizer has a minimum countertop size of 15.3" x 20.38" thus maximizing the space of the facility.

Hassle-free Usage

Designed to be user-friendly, it allows the user to simply load up the trays, select and set one of four pre-programmed cycle buttons, start it and leave it. The steel chamber will automatically fill up with the correct amount of water and then is heated to steam. Once this is done, the Steam–Flush Pressure Pulse Air Removal System ensures that the door automatically opens up to let the steam out therefore reducing the drying time of the instruments. One of two programmable cycles can be selected to adjust the time, temperature, dry time and vent speed according to the user's requirements.


  • Reliable and effective for infection control assurance.
  • Patented automatic-opening door for efficient, safe instrument drying.
  • Steam-flush pressure pulse air removal system ensures proper steam penetration.
  • Pre-programmed controls for convenience.
  • Maximum space utilization and a complementary design for your sterilization area.
  • Meets can/csa c22.2 no. 61010-1, csa c22.2 no. 61010-2-040-07 part 2-040.


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