Cincinnati Surgical Non-Sterile Miniature Scalpels

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Cincinnati Surgical Non-Sterile Miniature Scalpels are crafted from high grade British surgical steel resulting in exceptional sharpness and durability. Surgical Scalpels constructed from stainless steel are non-rusting. The narrow grinding angle used on these Scalpels promotes a higher initial keenness. These Stainless Steel Scalpels have a smooth texture due to a medium finish type. Disposable Mini Scalpels have an easy to grip thumb handle. The combination of a thumb handle and a short blade provides the user with greater control in delicate procedures. Mini Scalpels are available in several blade styles.


  • Thumb handle and small blade size provides greater control in delicate procedures
  • Medium surface finish
  • Scalpel is packaged with VCI paper to prevent corrosion
  • Each scalpel inspected twice before leaving the factory
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