Cincinnati Surgical Sterile Safety Scalpels

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Safety scalpels support and enhance safe passing procedures and protocols already practiced within the Operating Room and other medical, dental, veterinary, laboratory and funeral settings.

Cincinnati Surgical Sterile Stainless Steel Safety Scalpels are crafted from high grade British surgical steel resulting in exceptional sharpness and durability. Stainless Steel Scalpel Blades are non-rusting and have a higher initial sharpness then their carbon steel counterparts. The narrow grinding angle used on these Medical Scalpels promotes a higher initial keenness. Surgical Safety Scalpels are available in a variety of sizes. These Single Use Surgical Scalpels are color coded for recognition of blade style. This Retractable Scalpel has a forward position lock to help hold the blade securely while in use, and a rear permanent lock for safe disposal.


  • Strong temporary forward lock position to prevent uncontrolled retraction during use
  • Hold the blade more securely in the passing position
  • Rear permanent lock to be engaged prior to final disposal in a sharps container
  • Each scalpel inspected twice before leaving the factory
  • Scalpel is packaged in single peel sterile packs
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