Coulter LH 780 Hematology Analyzer w/ RDW-SD Parameter

Coulter LH 780 Hematology Analyzer w/ RDW-SD Parameter

MPN: 771996
By: Beckman Coulter
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The Coulter LH 780 Hematology Analyzer with RDW-SD Parameter

The advanced technologies of the LH 780 hematology series deliver uncompromising performance with a full complement of automated capabilities. Corrected RBC count with high WBC interference correction automatically ensures accuracy in the presence of interfering substances. Enumeration of NRBCs with every CBC/DIFF is automatic as well, eliminating the need for additional reagents or reflex testing. Even the three principal body fluids - cerebrospinal fluid, serous fluids and synovial fluids - are analyzed automatically. And that's only the beginning of the LH 780 series' broad spectrum of innovations.

  • Improve Cell Enumeration Accuracy with AccuCount Technology:
    • Improve productivity with WBC linearity that extends from zero to 400,000 and platelet linearity that extends from zero to 3,000,000
    • Increase clinician confidence at clinical decision thresholds without additional costly testing protocols
    • Enhance productivity with a reduction in false-positive results and confirmatory tests
  • Simplify and Automate NRBC Enumeration:
    • Eliminate the use of additional reagents since NRBCs are automatically enumerated with every CBC/diff Identify and enumerate NRBCs without manual intervention
    • Improve productivity by reducing the need for technologist intervention and sample re-runs
  • Streamline Data Management with Improved Decision Support:
    • Standardize laboratory processes across all shifts with user-defined decision rules
    • Customize the system to meet your lab’s needs and specific patient populations with flexible differential flagging
  • Receive Unparalleled Service and Support:
    • Increase uptime and productivity with on-board diagnostics and troubleshooting assistance, or with PROService remote diagnostics support
    • Receive top-quality customer support through our telephone, on-line or on-site services
  • Streamline Workflow With Advanced Barcode Reading:
    • Enhance efficiency and patient safety
    • Read even low-resolution barcode labels with innovative imagers technology
    • Maximize reliability by eliminating moving mechanical parts
  • Expand Your Insights With RDW-SD Parameter:
    • Determine the size of the red cell dispersion with the standard deviation of the width of the red cell population (RDW-SD)
    • Possibly differentiate the cause of anemia Identify possible iron deficiency with elevated RDW-SD
    • Identify possible heterozygous thalassemia with normal or decreased RDW-SD
  • Extend Your Quality Control:
    • Obtain an exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) of CBC, 5-Part Diff and NRBC, as well as reticulocyte parameters with the XM quality control package
    • Process user-configurable batch sizes for two to 1,000 runs, for up to 20 batches
    • Implement medically based performance standards and user-enabled rules with extended QC Rules package
  • Make Your Consumables Environmentally Friendly:
    • Optimize both workflow and performance with unique LH 780 consumables
    • Reduce formaldehyde processing with COULTER® LH Series Cleaner
    • Extend the reportable range for WBC, RBC, HGB and PLT with COULTER® LIN-C® Linearity Control
    • Cyanide-free reagents are also available
  • Simplify Training With The Intuitive User Interface:
    • Shorten the learning curve and facilitate use
    • Expand laboratory staff’s capabilities to access and control information



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