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For Medical Professionals Only

This product is sold to medical professionals ONLY. Please fax a copy of your medical license to (888) 685-5455.

From: $161.00
+ Free Shipping. Usually ships in 4 business day via Ground Delivery.
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From: $161.00
+ Free Shipping. Usually ships in 4 business day via Ground Delivery.


Alere/Inverness iCup A.D. Urine Drug Screen Test Kit with Built-In Adulteration Test Strips

Note: This product can be sold to medical facilities and physicians only.

The iCup drug test is an all-in-one drug test cup that does all the testing for you. Once the donor has provided a specimen, the drug test begins to test the specimen immediately. The results are ready in just seconds and can be revealed by peeling back the results label. Because of the revolutionary design of the iCup drug test, it can be photocopied. Once the results are clear, place the iCup drug test side down on the photocopier using the custom designed copy template. The iCup Drug Test detect 4 - 12 drugs instantly. Built-in adulteration allows checking for tampering.


  • I-DUA-157-013
    • COC, THC, OPI, AMP, mAMP, (OX, SG, PH)
    • 25/BX
  • I-DUA-157-023
    • COC, THC, OPI, AMP, PCP (OX, SG, PH)
    • 25/BX
  • I-DUA-167-12
    • COC, THC, OPI, AMP, mAMP, PCP, (OX, SG, PH)
    • 25/BX
  • I-DUE-1107-141
    • 25/BX


  • Zero exposure
  • Room temperature storage
  • Built-in validity test
  • Faster, darker lines that make reading the test results easier
  • Smaller, compact design makes it easy to store and handle
  • Easy to use and read, donor and collector friendly
  • 99% Accurate results in seconds
  • Laboratory accurate, set to SAMSHA cutoff levels
  • 18-month shelf life
  • 4 - 12 Drug confifurations
  • Results can be photocopied for retention of drug test results
  • Simple procedure

I-DUA-157-013 I-DUA-157-023 I-DUA-167-012 I-DUA-1107-141


Additional Information

Manufacturer Alere Point Of Care
Shipping Method Ground Delivery
Physician Sale Only Yes
Manufacturer Return Policy Non-Returnable

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