MPN: 700
By: Banyan

This item can only be sold to a medical professional, and will not ship to a commercial / residential customer. After placing the order, please email a copy of your medical license to webcs@cmecorp.com with the order number in the subject line, without which the order will be cancelled.

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NOTE: This item has been discontinued and replaced with the Z-1000 Emergency Medical Kit.  For more information please call customer service at (800) 338-2372.

  • This item contains Class IV drugs. A physician medical state license copy is required. You can either email us a copy or fax it to (888) 685-5455.
  • This kit includes materials that require special handling and may require additional shipping charges.

As a result in both technology and emergency procedures, Banyan's kit has evolved into the current line of Stat Kit models 700 and 900. Containing a foam tray that snugly cushions your drugs, these kits also allow you the option of purchasing additional ACLS drugs to make your Banyan Stat Kit the most comprehensive kit we have ever offered. The Stat Kit 900 is the most extensively equipped Banyan kit. It is the ideal system for the doctor who needs oxygen, resuscitator, and suction. You now have 23 different drugs, with the option of purchasing two additional ACLS drugs. The Stat Kit 700 is your best choice if you already have oxygen, resuscitation and suction equipment in your office. You now have 23 different drugs, with the option of purchasing two additional ACLS drugs. This kit gives you equipment to start treatment on virtually any emergency associated with a medical practice. And, like the Stat Kit 900, you don't even have to remember to inspect the kit for missing or out-of-date items. Banyan always sends quarterly Update Notifications that includes an easy-to-use Reorder Form. Features: Dimensions: 6 1/8” x 17 ¼” x 19 7/8” Weight: 16 lbs. Includes: Drugs-Prefilled Syringes: Atropine (2) Dextrose (1) Diazepam (2) Epinephrine 1 1/2” needle (3) Lidocaine (2) Sodium Bicarbonate (1) Drugs-Ampules & Vials: Diphenhydramine (2) Epinephrine (3) Furosemide (2) Lanoxin (1) Nalbuphine (2) Naloxone (2) Procainamide (1) Promethazine (2) Solu-Cortef (1) Drugs-Miscellaneous: Activated Charcoal (1) Albuterol Inhaler (1) Ammonia Inhalants (2) Aspirin Tablets (4) Clonidine Tablets (2) Diphenhydramine Caplets (4) Nitroglycerin Tablets (25) I.V. Equipment: 0.9% Sodium Chloride 500ml (1) I.V. Administration Tubing (1) I.V. Catheter 20ga x 1” (2) Safety Syringes & Needles: 10cc w/21ga x 1 1/2” (1) 10cc w/22ga x 1 1/2” (1) 3cc w/20ga x 1 1/2” (1) 3cc w/21ga x 1 1/2” (1) 3cc w/22ga x 1” (1) 3cc w/25ga x 5/8” (1) Resuscitation Equipment: Endotracheal Tubes: 3mm w/stylet (1), 5mm w/stylet (1), 7mm w/stylet (1) Laryngoscope, large (1) Laryngoscope, small (1) (Interchangeable light source) Microshield Pocket Mask (1) (Included in 700 only) Oropharyngeal Airways: small (1), medium (1), large (1) Oxygen Equipment: Oxygen Mask, with strap and non-rebreathing bag (1) Oxygen Cylinder with toggle handle (1) Roll of Tubing (1) Surgical Instruments: Alcohol Sponges (2) Gauze Sponges 3x3 (2) Gloves, Nitrile (2) Hemostat (2) Needle Holder (1) Scalpel (1) Scissors (1) Sutures: 4-0 Prolene (1)


Additional Information

Manufacturer Banyan
Unit of Measure (UOM) Each
Shipping Method Ground
Discontinued Yes
Physician Sale Only Yes