[DISCONTINUED] FEI Thermoderm Warming Gel

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[DISCONTINUED] FEI 11-0240-1 Thermoderm Warming Gel, 3Oz Roll-On
SKU: CESS-712501-00001
MPN: 11-0240-1
[DISCONTINUED] FEI 11-0244-144 Thermoderm Warming Gel, 4Oz Lotion, Case Of 144
SKU: CESS-712501-00006
MPN: 11-0244-144
[DISCONTINUED] FEI 11-0246-1080 Thermoderm Warming Gel, 1/4 Oz Packet, Case Of 1080
SKU: CESS-712501-00011
MPN: 11-0246-1080
[DISCONTINUED] FEI 11-0244-1 Thermoderm Warming Gel, 4Oz Lotion
SKU: CESS-712501-00004
MPN: 11-0244-1
[DISCONTINUED] FEI 11-0246-1 Thermoderm Warming Gel, 1/4 Oz Packet
SKU: CESS-712501-00009
MPN: 11-0246-1
[DISCONTINUED] FEI 11-0240-12 Thermoderm Warming Gel, 3Oz Roll-On, Box Of 12
SKU: CESS-712501-00002
MPN: 11-0240-12
[DISCONTINUED] FEI 11-0245-1 Thermoderm Warming Gel, 16Oz Lotion
SKU: CESS-712501-00007
MPN: 11-0245-1
[DISCONTINUED] FEI 11-0244-12 Thermoderm Warming Gel, 4Oz Lotion, Box Of 12
SKU: CESS-712501-00005
MPN: 11-0244-12
[DISCONTINUED] FEI 11-0246-108 Thermoderm Warming Gel, 1/4 Oz Packet, Box Of 108
SKU: CESS-712501-00010
MPN: 11-0246-108
[DISCONTINUED] FEI 11-0240-144 Thermoderm Warming Gel, 3Oz Roll-On, Case Of 144
SKU: CESS-712501-00003
MPN: 11-0240-144
[DISCONTINUED] FEI 11-0245-20 Thermoderm Warming Gel, 16Oz Lotion, Case 20
SKU: CESS-712501-00008
MPN: 11-0245-20
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This product has been discontinued. For information on a similar product or replacement please call us at (800) 338-2372.

Pain relieving warm therapy that Lasts Warmer Longer™. Contains: MSM, arnica, boswella, menthol, green tea extract, aloe, yucca, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), ILEX. Massaging gel onto the patient enhances it’s effects. Human Touch has been shown to speed up and enhance the healing process.
Manufacturer Fabrication Enterprises
Shipping Method Ground
Discontinued Yes
Special Order No
Country of Origin United States Of America
Autoclavable No
Gov Sale Only No
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