Disposable Tip Endoscopic Instruments by BR Surgical

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Core Products PowerWrap® Ankle Brace stabilizes the ankle joint to prevent sprains and other injuries, making it ideal for athletes and individuals with weak or injured ankles. With a positive tension system and "no-tie" laces make application quick and easy. An open design accommodates swellings and prevents flexing during application of the Ankle Brace. Ankle Boot Braces by Core Products feature PowerWrap® tabs provide independent adjustments to the foot and ankle areas. The center wedge allows the ankle to move naturally during activity for optimal comfort and convenience. Made to withstand vigorous activities, the Ankle Support features a durable canvas shell. The seamless bottom provides enhanced comfort. Soft material covers the achilles tendon to prevent blistering and irritation. Stainless steel spiral stays prevent inversion and eversion injuries. The PowerWrap® Ankle Brace fits in most athletic shoes and an be worn on the left or right ankle.

The BR932-07100 Endoscopic Carbon Fiber Handle/Sheath Assembly includes all the features surgeons expect from traditional laparoscopic instruments, including 360 degree rotation, an industry standard 4mm monopolar pin, lightweight carbon fiber construction, and an ergonomic design. The sheath features a standard 330mm working length, and attaches to tips using a secure but convenient ball-and-socket coupling.

D-TIP compatible inserts are sterile and feature extended insulation to reduce the risk of unintentional intra-operative burns. D-TIP jaw inserts are available in popular styles including Metzenbaum Scissors, Maryland Forceps, and Fenestrated Graspers, all sold in boxes of 10.

  • Handle/sheath assembly can be used repeatedly while replacing tip as needed
  • Maximum articulation with 360 degree rotation
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Lightweight carbon fiber handle
  • Tips attach with fast, easy ball-and-socket coupling
  • Extended insulation reduces risk of site burns while using cautery
  • Handle uses standard 4mm monopolar pin to ensure compatibility
  • Designed for compatibility with 5mm trocars
  • 330mm working length
  • Disposable Sterile Laparoscopic Inserts
  • Disposable tip for maximum performance every time
  • Sterile
  • Secure, convenient ball-and-socket coupling
  • Sold in boxes of 10
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