Exam Tables

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It could be argued that exam tables are one of most important necessities of an exam room. It’s what a patient sees when they first walk into their exam, and where they spend the majority of their time during their appointment. Whether your practice sees patients for general health exams, gynecology visits or any other type of exam, exam tables are an important component of any doctors’ office. Examination tables not only allow a doctor to easily and most efficiently preform a routine medical exam, they also have a way of making patients feel more comfortable and at ease.

Through CME you can buy different examination and treatment tables for all of your hospitals, clinics or medical practice needs. We've created an efficient shopping experience by categorizing exam and treatment tables so our customers can easily buy a new exam table or treatment table for their facility. Simply view the left-hand column and you will be able to choose from our categories of exam tables, from manual exam tables, to power exam tables, to tilt tables, to treatment beds and more. See our full list of medical equipment and supplies categories.

We have also designed our exam table page to allow you to easily perform side-by-side comparisons of our products. To compare products, simply click on the product that you are interested and hit the compare button, then add your next product by clicking into another product and hitting the compare button. In the left-hand side of the screen, you will see your two chosen products listed, hit the compare button and a separate window will come up showing you a side-by-side comparison of the two products, including price, shipping costs and delivery time.

Because we know that exam tables can be heavy and time-consuming to set up, many of our treatment tables are eligible for our special “white glove delivery service.” Our white-glove delivery service includes us delivering, uncrating and setting up the exam table in your office. We offer these services within the contiguous 48 states after you’ve scheduled your delivery time. All of our manual and power exam tables include our white-glove delivery service. You will also find our white glove delivery service on other medical equipment and supplies throughout our website. Simply look for the white-glove icon featured within each product page. CME is one of the only medical supply companies that provide you a delivery and install service without an extra charge. Don’t believe us? We encourage you to shop around and compare prices. Let us know if you find anyone else who can beat our prices and delivery guarantees.

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