HCI RoomMate LCD Ceiling Mount [DISCONTINUED]

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This product has been discontinued. For information on a similar product or replacement please call us at (800) 338-2372.

HCI RoomMate® HCI Ceiling Mount The HCI Ceiling Mount allows a facility to install a unit anywhere, without being dependent on a hard-wall surface. Lobby areas, large waiting rooms, post-surgery bays, and areas curtained off without an available wall are ideal candidates for the ceiling mount. The ceiling mount replaces one ceiling tile with a 24" X 24" white steel ceiling plate. The support bracket is adjustable for various height, tilt and angle requirements. The unit is supplied with a 6-foot cord to plug into an AC outlet. Tie wires and turnbuckles are supplied for supporting the mount. The plate has RF, composite audio video, and component audio video jacks. Maximum current rating is 10 amps. Features: Steel Cabinet Completely Sealed Adjustable support bracket Power Capacity of 120VAC/60hz/10a Max Standard 120VAC Hospital grade plug (Main Power) Compatibility with HCI RoomMate TV's No weight on ceiling grid (when properly installed) Can hold up to a 32" HCI LCD Includes tie wires, turnbuckles, component + audio, composite and coax cables Connections: 1 Component Audio/Video, 1 Composite Audio/Video, 2 RF Input, Pillow Speaker Mounting: 24" x 24" White Ceiling Plate CM-FRT CM-RTR

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Manufacturer HCI
Shipping Method Ground Delivery
Discontinued Yes

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