Medi-Products Reassurance Backup Power System - 28.25W x 16.5D 17.75H

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Medi-Products MD2014T Reassurance Backup Power System 2000 Watt 140 amp hours - 28.25W x 16.5D 17.75H
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Medi-products Reassurance Backup Power System - 28.25W x 16.5D 17.75H is an economical emergency power system solution for an existing office-based surgery center or laboratory or anywhere mission critical equipment is being used.

The Reassurance was introduced by MEDI+Products in 1990 and continues in production to the present time. The REASSURANCE™ utilized the newly-developing power inversion technology based on the invention of the FET (Field Effect Transistor) which made reliable, compact, and efficient conversion of battery-stored energy to 120 volt, 60 cycle power. The REASSURANCE™ is a mobile, self-contained power generator housed in a stainless steel cabinet on a castor-wheeled base. Currently output wattages range from 2000 to 16,000 watts and the integral battery bank sizes range from 140 to 800 amp-hours. There are optional metering devices that record energy storage, energy usage, and predicted runtimes. Hardwired versions are also available. A state-of-the-art 5 -level recharging system is available which maximizes battery life.

The Reassurance emergency power system designed for medical use. The free standing, mobile design is an uncomplicated solution to providing a surgery site with backup power yet the system is large enough to accommodate for power that is required. The Reassurance stainless steel cabinet allows it to be kept in the OR and also makes for easy cleaning. Its modular cabinet design is adaptable to suit variable power requirements. As these Reassurance systems are plug and play they do not require any installation, you can simply roll it in and plug it in. Its mobility allows it to be moved from one room to another or even relocate with you in the future.

Key Features:

  • Accreditation Compliant
  • Mobile – Plug & Play no installation needed
  • Noiseless
  • No Fuel Needed
  • Designed for medical applications
  • Designed to be customized
  • Stainless Steel – “OR Compliant”
Manufacturer Medi-Products
Warranty 1 Year
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