Monark Ergomedic 839E Cycle Ergometer

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Monark Ergomedic 839E Cycle Ergometer Monark 839 E is one of the world's most accurate cycle ergometers. It is especially used for fitness assess-ment and stress testing, as well as in research, sports medicine and rehabilitation. Computerized with removable control unit, program-med with Åstrand, Bruce, YMCA, Naughton, Ramp, Incremental amongst others, plus target heart rate adjusted workload. Individual exercise protocols can be programmed and stored. Heart rate is monitored with chest belt of telemetry type. Provides a constant workload independant of pedal speed. Easy to calibrate both mechanically and electronically. EKG Since the autumn of 2001 is Monark Ergomedic 839 E delivered with the equipment to fit with different EKG machines. 839 E is compatible with all EKG that is able to send analogue signals and also to almost all EKG brands with digital signals. To use an older model of 839 E together with digital EKG the software in the bike needs to be upgraded. Read more about EKG SOFTWARE Read more about Monark 839 E Analysis Software PRINTERS Monark Ergomedic 839E is equipped with a printer port on the bike wich make it possible to connect different printers directly to the bike. Read more about Monark 839 E and printers here QUALITY AND CERTIFICATE Monark Exercise AB has the certificate of ISO 9001. The model 839E is constructed and developed according to the lines of direction of MDD. The model 839E also fulfills the lines of direction in EMC - 89 / 366 / ECC, EN 60601-1 and EN 60601-2. MEASUREABLE UNITS • Distance - km • Energy - kcal • Force - N • Power - Watt, kpm/min, VO2 • Time - min:sek • Pedal speed- rpm (revolutions/min) FEATURES • Menu based programs. • Multi lingual options. • Provides a constant workload independent of pedal speed. • Work may be power (watts or kpm/min), force (kp or Newton) or VO 2 (ml/kg/min). • Built-in digital timer. • Heart rate measured with telemetry type or with ear sensor. • Optical metronome. • Energy consumption calculator in calories (kcal). • Remote controller with backlit LCD-display. • Serial communication port for remote PC or ECG machine. • Direct printer connection port. • Direct calculation of aerobic capacity with built-in protocols; Åstrand, Bruce, YMCA and Naughton. • Can be pre-set for step-by-step change in workload and time intervals, i.e. ramp and incremental. • Individual exercise protocols can be programmed and stored. • Training protocol; workload is adjusted automatically to achieve and maintain target heart rate. DESCRIPTION Large, well-balanced flywheel 22 kg (48 lbs). Pendulum scale, easy to calibrate. Adjustable saddle; vertically and forward/backwards. Adjustable handlebar with quick release lever. Stable frame, solid steel tube. Power painted. Wheels for easy transport. Chestbelt, PC Software and Calibration weight are included. TECHNICAL DETAILS Width 530 mm (21") at handlebar. Width 460 mm (18") at support tubes. Length 1150 mm (45").
Model Ergomedic 839E
Manufacturer Healthcare International
Unit of Measure (UOM) Each
Shipping Method Freight
Assembly No
Special Order No
Includes Large Flywheel;Chestbelt; Pc Software; Calibration Weight
Compatible With EKG; ECG; PC
Autoclavable No
Gov Sale Only No
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