Nicolet Vascular Pocket-Dop 3 Compact Obstetrical Doppler [DISCONTINUED]

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Nicolet Vascular Pocket-Dop 3 Compact Obstetrical Doppler

The Pocket-Dop 3 is a valuable aid in detecting pregnancy and monitoring the fetal heartbeat. The built-in speaker amplifies fetal heart sounds to reassure the expectant mother.

The Pocket-Dop 3 features interchangeable probes: the 3 MHz probes is for early fetal heartbeat detection and the 2 MHz probe for use in later pregnancy of with larger patients. The small "footprint" of these probes enables them to be easily angled down behind the pubic bone for optimum detection of early fetal heartbeats. When not in use, the probe is attached to the side of the unit by a unique magnetic holder. Obstetric exams are quick, easy and reliable with the Pocket-Dop 3. Accuracy of Autocorrelation

The Pocket Dop 3 features autocorrelation which is a pattern recognition technique that quickly acquires and accurately tracks the complex signal of the fetal heart rate. This reduces the time wasted waiting for the system to acquire the best signal to read the fetal heart rate. The system averages the heart rate on command and then shows it in a high- contrast display panel. After three minutes of non-use, the unit turns itself off.

Small Recharging System and Wall Mount: The Pocket Dop 3 comes with a convenient recharging stand to be placed on a counter or mounted to a wall. This smart recharging system will not overcharge the Doppler which ensures maximum battery life. The Pocket-Dop 3 is always handy and ready for use.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 12.7 x 8.38 x 2.5 cm - 5 x 3.3 x 1 inches 
  • Weight: 0.285 Kg. - 10 oz. 
  • Power Source: 110 volt recharger, 9 volt rechargeable battery - 220 volt recharger available
Model Pocket-Dop 3
Manufacturer Natus Neurology/Nicolet
Shipping Method Ground
Discontinued Yes
Special Order No
Autoclavable No
Gov Sale Only No
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