Wave Style Illuminated Magnifier

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From: $238.40
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From: $238.40
+ Free Shipping. Usually ships in 5 business day via Ground Delivery.


Wave Style Illuminated Magnifier

This Wave Style Illuminated Magnifier offered on a wall mount or mobile base and has a wide viewing area of undistored magnification. The swivel neck allows axially rotation and angular adjustment while remaining glare-free from light.


  • Provides undistorted magnification, wide viewing area and glare-free light
  • Swivel neck rotates axially and provides angular adjustment
  • Spring balancing system enables the lamp to be turned, raised, lowered or tilted to any desired position, 45" reach
  • Bi-convex lens coupled with two 9 watt compact fluorescent tubes, each with their own rocker switch, increases field of vision and allows for 3 dimensional viewing
  • Diffuser casing protects each fluorescent tube
  • Arms made of 0.5" square tubing
  • House heat tempered steel springs provide 32" extension


  • Diameter: 6"
  • Dimension: 7.5" x 6.25"

Model Numbers: 43641, 43644


Additional Information

Manufacturer Brandt Industries
Shipping Method Ground Delivery
Includes swivel neck
Model 43641; 43644

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