Health Craft Super Pole w/Trapeze, 250 LB.

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The Health Craft Super Pole w/Trapeze, 250 LB.

Note: The SuperPole System™ should only be installed between floors and ceilings of solid construction or injury may result. The SuperPole System™ should not be installed on loose floor coverings, in rooms with radiant ceiling heating, or in mobile homes.

Sitting up in bed just became easier! - The SuperTrapeze™ is a more affordable alternative to conventional trapeze systems and includes the benefit of the SuperPole™ for standing assistance. Features our unique "e2"™ handle with two separate rails, similar to rungs of a ladder to better use arm strength to "climb up" to a seated position. 


  • Effective - SuperTrapeze™ includes the innovative e2™ trapeze handle with a "ladder-like" set of two rails that allows the user to more easily climb up to a sitting position. 
  • Ease of Use - the combination of a trapeze + bedside pole - the only product to provide COMPLETE support for sitting up, pivoting, and standing up from bed. 
  • Versatile - Does not require special bed or mounting brackets - works with any bed! 
  • Does not force bed outward from wall as with conventional trapeze systems. 
  • Will install beside waterbeds and electric beds unlike floor mounted trapeze systems. 
  • Flexible - support arm is adjustable in height and angle. 
  • Strap is adjustable in length to achieve best height and location of trapeze. 
  • Ease of Use - open design of trapeze handle allows it to be hooked onto pole for storage


  • Support Pole - 93" to 100" / 236 to 253cm (standard). Custom pole heights up to 120" (see Uni-Fit Height Extender). 
  • Support Arm Height Range - 12-22" / 30-55 cm from ceiling. Fixed to the pole with 3 penetrating set screws. 
  • Trapeze Handle - overall size 12X12" / 30X30 cm. 
  • Trapeze Handle - height range 42-70" / 106-178 cm from ceiling
  • MODEL NUMER for SuperPole Basic™ (Not applicable with ceilings higher than 99") STP-S SuperPole Basic™ with SuperTrapeze™ (standard ceiling height range 93-99"). STP-AK *SuperTrapeze™ Add-On-Kit Only STP-HS **e2™ Trapeze Handle with Strap and Hook *Strictly for use with HealthCraft SuperPole™, or injury may occur. **For upgrade of conventional chain/trapeze systems - call to review connection details. CUSTOM OPTIONS for SuperPole™ (Ceiling Height / Plates) SP-UF Uni-Fit Extension Tube (ranges 101-121"). SP-CPE SuperPole™ Ceiling Plate Extender (30"wide for use with 24" beam centers). 


Additional Information

Manufacturer Health Craft
Unit of Measure (UOM) Each
Shipping Method Ground Delivery
Includes Trapeze
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty With The Exception Of Hand Grips Which Are Subject To Normal Wear
Model STP

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