Midmark Ritter 230 Power Procedure Table - BASE ONLY

Midmark Ritter 230 Power Procedure Table - BASE ONLY

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By: Midmark

To buy upholstery for this table, please check out Midmark's 230 Ritter Upholstery - available in a variety of colors and now offers ultraleather, PVC-free leather.

Quick features: Power height, back, foot and tilt, 450-pound patient weight capacity, 22.5" to 40" seat height adjustment (non-rotation models), 26" to 43.5" seat height adjustment (rotation models).


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Midmark 230 Universal Procedure Table is a great choice and cost-effective solution for both private practice and hospital facilities.

It is designed to provide an unconditional comfort to a patient and a demanded functionality to a practitioner. Experience the benefits of an improved accessibility, vast multipositioning capabilities and ease of operation.

Multipositioning Capabilities
Midmark 230 Procedure Table has been designed to aim even most demanding medical environments providing basic features to make it affordable, and advanced functionality to deliver an unsuppressed value to both practitioner and patients. The unique knee-chest construction allows for the tool-free reconfigure of the footrest providing an optimal table position for lower body exams and procedures. With just a few easy moves the table can be repositioned for Lithotomy by tilting the seat, lowering the footrest and extending the fold-away stirrups along with a treatment pan. For procedures requiring supine, prone, left lateral or right lateral positioning the table easily unfolds flat. As for the Trendelenburg Table positioning, it offers a back tilt of 30. All the positioning manipulations are easily realized with a help of an intuitive hand control that comfortably traps on the Table side.

Improved Accessibility
In an effort to make modern exam rooms into a hospitable environment for all patient groups including people with different levels of disability, Midmark specialists have came up with a design well thought-through in all details. Universal Procedure Table offers a truly wide range of height adjustment from 22.5"" to 40"". The minimal Table height of 22.5"" helps safely accommodate elderly patients, expectant mothers, wheelchaired patients and the ones with low mobility eliminating limits and safety risks both for patients and stuff. Unlike standard box-style tables, Barrier-Free units ensure that your patients feel comfort and stability having their feet on the ground while seating and being able to easily get on and off the table.

Extended Benefits
Smart 230 Procedure Table design incorporates a great number of beneficial features intended to aim your work process, make it easer and faster. Convenient stirrups with hide-away construction are very easy to position or fold aside when not required. The easy-operated footrest extends the Table length up to 84"". A paper roll holder for 18"" x 3.5"" diameter paper rolls is conveniently placed under the backrest. The Table is equipped with exceptionally stylish and ergonomic upholstered top. Featuring durable, multi-density padding the top ensures optimal support to your patient. The seamless upholstery design is very effective against the accumulation of infection causing pathogens, dirt and dust, while being very easy to clean and sterilize.

Optional Features

In one of the available configuration the Table features 350 degrees rotation capability. This unique feature completely eliminates the need of moving your office equipment towards the patient creating a much more efficient work environment. With the help of two pedals, one on each side of the Table base, you can now easily rotate the table and lock it into a required position.

230 Procedure Table is assembled with a duplex, hospital grade, electrical receptacle on left side for enhanced convenience. It promotes easy access to electrical power providing a clean look to the room and floor space.

Midmark offer three Table models to best address your requirements. For purchase options, please see below:

230-001 - Standard Table Configuration
230-002 - Table with Receptacle
230-003 - Table with Rotation


Additional Information

Manufacturer Midmark
Shipping Method Freight
Dimensions 28" (W)
Capacity 450 lbs.
Compliance UL 60601-1 and CAN/CSA; C22.2 No. 601.1 - M90
Country of Origin United States Of America
Leg Extension Length 11"