Brymill Spray Extensions

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The Brymill Spray Extensions

Brymill Straight Spray Extensions Model # Description Intended Use 106 CESS-6840-00 Straight Spray Extension Used to reach condylomata in the perianal, rectal or vaginal areas. Provides an extended fine spray. 106-20 CESS-6841-00 3in. x 20g Straight Spray Needle 107-16 CESS-6842-00 1.5in x 16g Straight Spray Needle 107-18 CESS-6843-00 1.5in x 18g Straight Spray Needle 107-20 CESS-6844-00 1.5in x 20g Straight Spray Needle  

Manufacturer Brymill
Manufacturer Return Policy Non-Returnable
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