David Scott Blue Diamond Gel Candy Cane Pads

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David Scott BD2330 Blue Diamond Gel Candy Cane Stirrup Sheaths
SKU: CESS-726096-00001
MPN: BD2330
David Scott BD2335 Blue Diamond Gel Ankle Stirrups Straps For Candy Canes
SKU: CESS-726096-00002
MPN: BD2335
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David Scott Blue Diamond Gel Candy Cane Pads used during lithotomy position, urology or OB-GYN procedures.

Once on the poles the need not be removed which will eliminate the need for wrapping and re-wrapping.Once you have these you'll wonder why you waited so long to order them.

Product Details:

  • BD2330: 24"L and cylindrical design.  
  • BD2335: Deluxe straps for candy cane stirrups are heavy duty, they have 1000 lb. welded o-rings. The straps are 24" for added flexibility, with a 12" gel strip to protect the back of the heel/ankle as well as the sides of the foot.
Manufacturer David Scott
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