SR Scales SR555i Digital Stand-on Scale

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Featuring touchless weighing with optional AC power that enables scale to remain plugged in, always on, and ready to weigh a patient with no button activation (applies to SR555i, SR585i,and SR755i). Also contains Microban® antimicrobial technology for powerful, continuous product protection against bacteria.

Take the scale to the patient for an ideal point-of-use scale, Just Tip n' Go. Memory Recall - the last stored weight. Battery Operated - 6 "C" cell batteries providing 10,000 weigh cycles.

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SR555i (15.75" x 18.50") The SR555i scale combines accuracy, portability, and durability into one of the best-selling stand-on weighing systems on the market. Manufactured of heavy-duty cast aluminum, the SR555i has a weight capacity of 1000 Lbs yet is lightweight, portable and highly maneuverable helping to reduce caregiver strain and injury. Programmable Auto Power Down (APD) to conserve battery life. Solid Cast Aluminum Construction - Durable and easy to clean. Integral Patient Hand Hold - The patient can use the scale for support without affecting accuracy. BMI Calculation - Enter height information to calculate and display Body Mass Index. Serial Data Output (EHR) - Data Output can be used to communicate with Electronic Health Record systems. Optional Accessories: 3-Sided Hand Rail, built-in height rod, thermal printer, and medical-grade wall power supply. A true workhorse designed to go the distance for everyday institutional use.
Manufacturer SR Scales
  • MAX WEIGHT: 1000 Lb / 454 Kg
  • DISPLAY TYPE: 16 Character LCD w/ LED Backlight
  • ACCURACY: 0.1% +/- 1 digit of displayed resolution
  • DISPLAY UNITS: Pounds / Kilograms
  • POWER: 6 “C” cell alkaline batteries and optional medical grade wall power supply
  • BATTERY LIFE: 10,000 Weigh Cycles (est. based on 30-second on-time)
  • AUTO POWER DOWN (APD): Programmable on-time to conserve battery life. A low battery indication will appear when it’s time to replace the batteries.
  • MEMORY: Last stable weight is automatically stored in memory. Press RECALL to retrieve.
  • BMI CALCULATION: Press BMI and input height. Press ENTER to view BMI information.
  • SERIAL DATA OUTPUT (EHR): 9-pin serial data output can be used to send weight data to an optional printer or EHR/EMR Systems.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL: See for specifications on Microban® technology.
Warranty 4 Years
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