Summit Appliance DL2KIT Nist Calibrated Usb Temperature Logger With Display And Alarm Installed In Kit Form

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  • Designed for aftermarket installation; for this option pre-installed on a Summit or Accucold refrigerator, order DL2 with your unit
  • Logs temperature readings to a 4GB flash drive for easy data management
  • Unit is NIST calibrated in our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified laboratory
  • Allows the user to program the logging intervals for more flexibility in data analysis
  • Includes a digital temperature display of the current and high/low temperature viewable in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • High/low temperature alarm provides audio and visual warning if temperature rises or falls out of set range
  • Outputs for fast viewing in Microsoft Excel or any CSV compatible program

NOTE: The DL2KIT is for aftermarket installation. It ships in a single box with the following items included: a 4GB USB flash drive, a power adapter, a rechargeable battery, an external temperature sensor encased in a bottle filled with glycol, a magnetic sticker with logging instructions, and a NIST certified calibration certificate. If you want this data logger installed on a Summit or Accucold refrigerator, order the DL2 option with your unit. Contact your sales representative for details and pricing on pre-installation.

Accucold by Summit Appliance brings full convenience to temperature logging with the fully featured NIST certified DL2KIT.

Designed for use with virtually any refrigerator or freezer, the DL2KIT lets you set your own timing interval to record interior temperature to a 4GB USB flash drive (included with the logger) that can store over 70 million temperature readings. When you're ready to review the temperature data, simply plug the flash drive into your PC or Mac and transfer the data using Microsoft Excel or any .CSV compatible program. This logger offers an accuracy range of .5ºC in the temperature range of -10 to 10ºC, and 1ºC outside of this range. The LCD display panel provides a digital temperature display of the current and high/low temperature, viewable in Celsius or Fahrenheit. A high/low temperature alarm sounds and flashes when the temperature rises above or falls below a user-set range.

The DL2KIT is powered by a 5VDC power adapter included with your unit. A rechargeable lithium battery is also included to allow you to record up to 20 hours of data in the event of a power failure. The temperature sensor is enclosed in a glycol-filled bottle to protect it from rapid changes when the door is opened, better simulating the temperature of stored contents instead of air temperature. This unit is NIST calibrated in Accucold's ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified laboratory and ships with a calibration certificate for your records.

Sized just under 1" high, the DL2KIT can easily be installed on the top or side of a refrigerator or freezer. We include Velcro strips to make it easy to secure the logger on your unit. This logger also ships with a handy magnetic instruction sheet that provides all the information you need to log and save your readings.

With its flexible programming capabilities and user-friendly interface, the DL2KIT creates an easy and reliable solution to temperature logging. This unit meets CDC and VFC recommendations for logging and monitoring vaccines.


NIST calibrated logger
Unit is calibrated to NIST standards in our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified laboratory and ships with a certificate

Reliable logging
Accurate within .5º C (1º C when installed on units operating below -10ºC or above 10ºC)

User-set logging interval
Users can program the timing interval for data logging

Stores data to USB flash drive
4GB flash drive included for easy plug-in and output on any computer

Easy analysis
Simply plug the flash drive into a PC or Mac and graph or chart in Microsoft Excel or CSV compatible program

Protected temperature sensor
Temperature sensor is enclosed inside glycol-filled bottle to protect it from being affected by rapid temperature changes that may occur when the unit's door is opened

Temperature display
LCD screen displays the current and high/low temperatures, with a button that allows you to switch the display from Celsius to Fahrenheit

Temperature alarm
Audible alarm will sound and indicator light will flash if temperature rises or falls below the specified approved range

Compatible on any Accucold or Summit model
Can be installed on refrigerators and freezers, including chest, front-opening, drawer, compact, reach-in, and built-in undercounter units; for this data logger factory installed on your unit, order DL2

Compact size
Sized to fit on undercounter models with no depth protrusion

5VDC power adapter
Adapter included

Backup battery
Includes rechargeable Li-ion battery that will record for up to 20 hours in the event of power failure

Low battery alert
Battery symbol flashes on the LCD screen when battery needs recharging

Programmable time and date
Easy to set before using the device

Magnetic instructions
Handy magnet included with basic instructions and reminders for using the DL2

Manufacturer Summit Appliance
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