Medical Supplies

Here at CME, we are excited to help you find all of the latest medical supplies and hospital supplies on the market that you need to provide the best care for your patients. We are proud say that we’ve been in service for nearly two centuries. Our sales team has built lasting relationships with the manufacturers of a variety of medical supplies, which means you have access to the best pricing and products all in one place.

To make finding the medical supplies you are looking for even easier, we’ve organized our inventory in a way that is easily searchable, so you can find everything you might need for your medical practice, hospital or surgical center.

Below, you will be able to find an alphabetical listing of all of the medical supplies that we offer. In addition listing by product, you will also find specific product listings. For example, we make it easy to find a wide range of instruments, from instrument stands, to instrument tips to surgical grade instruments. You will find specific categories for each under “I”. If you are in the market for a new otoscope, simply go to “O” and you will be able to choose from otoscope specula dispensers or otoscope specula.

If you already know which medical supplies you would like to order, you can skip the alphabetical list all together and simply type in the name of product or product category you would like to shop from by using our handy search box option at the top of the page.

CME works hard to make sure we have the most comprehensive list of medical supplies out there, appropriate for hospitals, but also doctor’s offices, dentist offices and surgical centers. We are constantly in contact with manufacturers to find the most cutting-edge products and devices for our loyal customers. We aim to bring you only the highest quality medical supplies available.

When you buy your medical supplies at CME not only can you rest assured that you are getting the best products on the market, we can also help provide you with a full range of services. Besides sales, CME will deliver, install, train and even provide maintenance on all of your chosen medical supplies. Having spent nearly two centuries in the medical supply business, CME is proud to serve nationwide and international clients alike through our comprehensive website.

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