Bci Spectro2 Pulse Oximetry System


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Bci Spectro2 Pulse Oximetry System

Bci Spectro2 Pulse Oximetry System - 10 System Includes: Spectro2 10 Pulse Oximeter, Adult Spot Check Sensor (30442), Sensor Cradles (Ww1080), Operation Manual (Ww1922En) Home Use Manual (Ww1922Hu), Service Cd (31440B13)

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The Bci Spectro2 Pulse Oximetry System. Low cost, spot-check device displaying SpO2, pulse rate, signal strength and Pulse amplitude Index (PI). This device delivers reliable performance, meeting the needs of health care providers in primary care environments. Responds to challenging environments - including those with the presence of low perfusion or motion. The device aids health care providers in responding to a wide range of patient needs, including higher acuity care and ambulatory situations. Offers continuous monitoring device displays SpO2, pulse rate, signal strength, and Pulse amplitude Index (PI). Multiple operating modes, audible and visual alarms, and remote alarm capability that alerts for potential clinical intervention.

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