BR Surgical Laparoscope

BR Surgical Laparoscope

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The BR Surgical Laparoscope is a german engineered endoscope with premium image brightness and optical clarity that is designed and constructed for long lasting performance.


Superior Visualization & Durability:

  • Brilliant high definition image
  • Construction of your endoscope from start to finish, from optical calculation to glass rod production.
  • Maximum protection against degrading influences of reprocessing.

Fiber Optics & Illumination

  • Fiber cone tapered = better light amplification
  • High transmission wide angle illumination fibers = superior light transmission
  • Hightrans Lantan lens optic train = superior image transmission

Long Lasting Performance:

  • Proximal & distal sapphire window = scratch resistance, no glass corrosion
  • Phynox medical grade stainless steel tubing = stronger, more durable material
  • No Coatings = eliminates chance of coatings coming off during reprocessing over time
  • Laser welded joints = seals fiberoptic illumination bundles hermetically from the optical train, to avoid humidity and chemical penetration
  • Laser welded joints = increase strength between scope body and sheath
  • Hydrophilic gas filled optical train = anti fogging device


  • BR953-1000-180 Laparoscope, autoclavable, Ø 10mm, 0º, 180mm
  • BR953-1000-302 Laparoscope, autoclavable, Ø 10mm, 0º, 302mm


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