Medi-Products Silent Sentry Backup Power System

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The Medi-products Silent Sentry Backup Power System is designed to perfectly suit the needs of an Office-Based surgery suite build-out. 

The Silent Sentry is sized to accommodate the requirements of the mission critical equipment that is needed in to maintain patient safety if a power failure were to occur during a surgical procedure. The Silent Sentry wall-mounted, battery-operated system is revolutionary in its ultra-compact, low-profile design. Its body is only 14” wide and mounts flush-on or between wall studs 16” O.C. It’s mounting flanges can be relocated to reduce protrusion from the wall to as little as four and a half inches, allowing the system to be mounted out of the way behind doors or in utility closets and mobile offices. 

Silent Sentry systems are 14”inches wide for they can be recessed between two standard 16" on-center wall studs to take up virtually no floor space which allows the system to be installed almost anywhere with-in the office floor plan. The Silent Sentry’s branch circuit protectors eliminate the need for installing a subpanel for critical-circuits. The system gets installed in the power line between Main Electric Panel and the Critical Load outlets in the OR and recovery areas. The utility power is routed through the System and also used to charge the storage batteries. In the event of a power outage its built-in transfer switch instantly switches from the utility power to battery power so that the power to the critical loads uninterrupted. Upon utility power restoration the system automatically restores power and recharges the batteries. The Silent Sentry’s modular battery compartments allow it to be easily adapted to fit the requirements of both larger and smaller surgery centers.

Key Features:

  • Space Conservative Design
  • Hardwire Systems
  • Mobile – Plug & Play System
  • Noiseless
  • No Fuel Needed
  • Engineered for medical requirements
  • No Sub Panel Needed
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Designed to be customized
  • Architecturally-Friendly


Manufacturer Medi-Products
Warranty 1 Year
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