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CME Corp is your one-stop shop for capital medical equipment and logistics, and it doesn't end there. Whether you're seeking our CME Insiders blog for industry-leading guidance, or for more information about who we are, get to know us on a deeper level!

Our Company

We are more than your average medical equipment distributors. As the leading source for healthcare equipment in North America, we embody the streamlined approach to hospital supply chain management, helping clients meet patient expectations while staying in budget.

Why CME?

We believe in a streamlined approach to hospital supply chain management – white glove, turn-key delivery service for equipment. Sometimes simplicity is the key. In more than three decades of service, we’ve heard all of the common complications with a remodel or new facility launch. We thought there had to be an easier way to do this – and now we know there is!

Case Studies

When healthcare systems have millions of dollars on the line and logistical nightmares are keeping them up at night, they come to CME. These real-life clients found a partnership with CME that leads to the successful completion of expansions and new construction projects.


Our site is filled with over 2 million products from over 2,000 manufacturers. Unlike our competitors, we don’t stop there. The CME team drives the logistics, assembly, and installation requirements for our clients. With so many moving parts, we offer opportunities in project management, logistics, installation, biomedical services, account management, digital marketing, online merchandising and more!


The healthcare industry is constantly changing, but we keep pace. From our articles to press releases, we share updates on newsworthy events.


Browse through our collection of resources to help with finding the right equipment, planning and launching, renovating, or expanding any facility.


With multiple authors and external resources, our blog offers perspectives on common challenges and victories found in capital equipment purchasing.

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CME Corp is a nationwide premier source for quality equipment, logistics, and healthcare supply chain services. If you are launching, renovating, or expanding your facility, trust CME to help.
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