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With pressure to provide speedy services, better diagnoses, and effective treatments in the quest for improved patient satisfaction, your practice has an ally in CME. We are not only your source for equipment and office needs, but our cost-saving recommendations, logistical solutions, and biomedical services will also keep your practice performing efficiently, under budget, and at full capacity.


Solutions For You


We focus on helping you optimize patient flow and making the most of your limited space. With a variety of materials and finishes that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, your practice will be welcoming and comfortable.

Direct to Site White Glove Services

We can deliver your equipment to exactly where you’ll be using it, as well as provide additional services for assembling, installing, mounting, and debris removal.

Biomedical Services

Our Biomedical Service team is available to keep your practice compliant. With proper calibrations and routine maintenance, you can focus on what matters most: taking care of patients.

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