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Patients need to feel confident and comfortable in your surgery center. They’re relying on you to make a difference in their lives. With years of expertise in helping equip multi-specialty surgery centers, we work together with you to tackle your most pressing challenges, reach your goals, and increase efficiency.

Not only do we offer industry leading surgical equipment and accessories, but our Biomedical Service Technicians also help keep your facility on the right track. With proper calibrations, routine maintenance, and CMS compliance, we help improve care quality and reduce costs, so you can focus on patients instead of facility upkeep.

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The CME team will simplify and streamline your procurement process, becoming a comprehensive source for all your capital planning needs.

Logistical Services

Our CME360 platform consolidates the warehousing, staging, and assembly processes of your purchase. After assembly and inspection, a seamless direct-to-site delivery with white glove setup and installation is scheduled for your facility at the date and time of your convenience!

Biomedical Services

With proper calibrations, routine maintenance, and ensuring CMS compliance, we take complete care of equipment upkeep, allowing you to focus on patient care.

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