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Biomedical Services To Extend Medical Equipment Lifespan

Designing, implementing, and completing a service schedule is tedious and strains internal resources. Accurate and consistent readings rely on adequately serviced and calibrated medical equipment. Whether our mobile biomedical engineers are complementing your in-house resources or running on their own, your medical equipment, IT workstations, and appraisals are on time and up to date.

Our Technicians: We employ and train our own technicians, assuring a high level of customer service and ongoing technical support that meets the stringent needs of the healthcare communities we serve. Our certified Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs) ensure that your equipment is restored back to its fully fuctioning and life-saving capabilities.

Equipment We Service: We offer preventative maintenance, service, and repair for a wide variety of medical equipment including Vital Signs Monitors, AEDs, Defibrillators, Autoclaves, Infusion Pumps, Suction Units, Ventilators, IT Workstations, Beds, Stretchers, Wheelchairs, and Patient Lifts. We service leading medical equipment brands including Welch Allyn, Zoll, Midmark, Capsa, Seca, and more, and our asset management system keeps everything tracked and organized.

Warranty: All equipment repair, preventative maintenance, technical support, and testing will be performed according to manufacturer’s recommendations. CME’s services will be warranted for ninety (90) days under normal operating procedures.

Don’t lose out on Medicare and Medicaid incentives or fall out of CMS compliance. Let our team handle recalibrations and inspections to keep your facility compliant and efficient. In both acute and non-acute care settings, our cradle to grave approach makes CME the only resource you need.


Biomedical Staffing Solutions

Biomedical Staffing Solutions

Support your in-house teams by adding the CME team to your workforce. Let us be an extension to your team, serving your facility on-site with our comprehensive approach to equipment installation, asset-tagging, and preventative maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

Equipment Repair & Preventative Maintenance

When equipment looks poorly maintained, worn, or damaged, it reflects on your facility. No matter how new or old your equipment is, our preventative maintenance and equipment repair will ensure patient safety, maximum productivity, and a longer use life. From simple wheel casters to a complete equipment rebuild, the CME team is here to help!

Workstation Services

IT Arms & Workstation Services

Our licensed service representatives are here to ease your burden. We can wall mount any of your items including glove boxes, soap dispensers, sharps containers, vital signs monitors, IT arms, casework and more, handling any electrical repairs along the way.

Medical Equipment Recall Support

Medical Equipment Recall Support

In the event your equipment falls under a manufacturer recall, our support services will handle the required corrective actions and recommendations. Throughout the process, we will document and record the use of any parts needed for successful recall execution.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Through the utilization of our comprehensive healthcare equipment and logistics tracking system, we provide regulatory-compliant asset management with real-time customized reporting.

Physician Practice Appraisals

Physician Practice Appraisals

Having an accurate, calculated value of a physician practice is necessary for the successful integration into a healthcare system. CME can provide a comprehensive breakdown of assets to illustrate how they contribute to the market value of your practice.

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Biomedical Services

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