Real-Time Locating System (RTLS)

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS)

RTLS Solutions to Optimize Equipment Use, Improve Staff Safety, and Enhance Patient Flow

Healthcare facilities need dependable ways to locate assets quickly, protect caregivers and patients, and improve patient care. The Midmark Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) delivers these benefits and more in a single solution, and CME Corp is proud to partner with Midmark to do so.  RTLS gives you real-time views of assets, staff, and patients—along with actionable data for informed decision making.

For management, RTLS provides ways to improve operational efficiencies and increase patient capacity. For staff and caregivers, they gain valuable time that’s otherwise spent searching for colleagues or missing equipment, while also offering an easy way to alert responders to potentially violent situations.. 

Midmark RTLS Solutions

CareFlow Cloud Asset Tracking

RTLS helps both nursing and biomedical teams locate equipment quickly. As a result, they spend less time searching and more time on value-added activities to enhance patient care and safety. Accurate asset tracking also helps management reduce wasteful over-spending on equipment.

With Midmark RTLS Careflow Cloud Asset Tracking featuring Bluetooth® technology, health systems benefit from the efficiency and scalability of a cloud platform that reveals real-time asset location data across multiple facilities, floors and units.

CareFlow Cloud Staff Duress

Violence in healthcare is reaching crises levels. The same solution that tracks assets in your facility also helps protect your staff.

Built on the CareFlow Cloud Platform, the Staff Duress solution provides a personal duress button that sends real-time alerts to responders, enabling quick reactions when incidents occur.

Patient Flow

Boost efficiency by improving workflows. Real-time data helps you reduce wait times and bottlenecks so patients can spend more time with caregivers. Historical data enables administrators to increase exam room utilization, improve processes, and increase capacity.

The Midmark RTLS On-Premises Patient Flow Optimization solution has helped make measurable improvements in outpatient clinics, EDs, ORs, and ambulatory surgical centers. Rethink patient flow and enable your facility to deliver a better care experience.

Badges and Tags

Reliable, durable asset tags combine long-lasting battery life with accurate locating technology. Midmark RTLS badges for patients and staff turn location data into actionable intelligence to improve workflow and the delivery of care.

Multiple locating technologies are available to meet your needs for location precision: BLE, Infrared, or Wi-Fi.

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