It all begins when you find the best products at the most competitive price. Give up the hassle of juggling multiple purchase orders and vendors. Let CME consolidate all the information you need to compare products and schedule services. Here are the ways CME serves our clients:

Capital Equipment

Understanding the possible pitfalls which hinder capital equipment projects, we’ve built a roadmap for your success called our Six Stages of Capital Equipment Planning and Services. Our team of product specialists, project managers, install coordinators, and biomedical technicians are experts at working with your in-house staff, construction, and design teams to accomplish your vision.

Direct to Site Services

Our DTS Services have transformed our turn-key approach to initial equipment purchases, tracking of items, receiving, warehousing, staging, assembly, delivery, and installation. We work with planners and buyers to oversee all aspects of the setup, preventing any missed details.

Biomedical Services & Technical Solutions

Our Biomedical Technicians extend the life cycle of your products and allow your clinical staff to focus on patient care. Whether our team is complementing your in-house resources, or running on their own, your medical equipment, IT workstations, and appraisals are on time and up to date.

Post-Pandemic Solutions

CME Corp can help you manage the crucial emergency preparedness equipment post pandemic. CME will pick-up, store, catalog, reassemble and deliver the equipment when you need it again.

Design and Installation

Finish your facility with high-quality, sustainable, state-of-the-art casework & furniture installed by your CME team. Patients will appreciate the beautiful seating and professional cabinetry found in your newly finished facility, and you’ll enjoy the style and durability of these preeminent products from leading manufacturers.

Contractor Specialties

Leading contracting firms across the country trust the CME team to provide product quotes, sales, and assistance with installations of Division 10, 11, and 12 items. Our team has devoted professionals ready to assist in any architectural specialty contractor projects.

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