Case Studies

Ketchikan Medical Center

When a $62M expansion required over 2,000 pieces of new medical equipment shipped to a remote island, PeaceHealth knew they could rely on CME. With strict barge schedules and trucking logistics, even the Alaskan weather couldn't derail this project.

Sonora Cancer Center

How can you quote, purchase, track, and deliver $20M in product? If you’re Jones Lang LaSalle, you work with CME and take advantage of CME360 - an innovative software solution to medical equipment logistics.

David H. Koch Center

With a purchase order valued at $90M, you know there will be over 100 deliveries to your new facility. But what happens when your new loading dock is located in the bustle of downtown Manhattan? You rely on CME to find a solution!

Maryland-Based Health Care System

Utilizing their GPO contract and working with CME Corp for the equipment, storage, and logistics, a regional health system in Maryland realized they were saving $182,300 over a previous bid, and their facilities opened on time.

The State of Rhode Island: Alternate COVID-19 Hospitals

What happens when the Branch Preparedness Chief of the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency needs help outfitting three alternate hospitals to treat COVID-19 patients? He calls CME, knowing our Rhode Island headquarters are just one of many benefits you can rely on.

Colorado-Based Outpatient Medical Center

A new, 7-story outpatient medical center (OMC) was in need of start-up biomedical services required to open their facility. They knew they could depend on CME to augment their in-house biomedical team and get the job done! 

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