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In late 2019, CME met with Heidi Penfold, a principal at Envision Planning, to start the planning for a new outpatient medical center in Colorado. The discussions included using CME for all the project logistics, as well as the start-up biomedical services required to open the facility. The agreement was signed in early 2020.

Here are the details:

The CME Solution


  • New, 7-story outpatient medical center (OMC) for a major healthcare system in Colorado
  • PO for technical services was issued in February 2020
  • The original scope of work was for CME to asset-tag and inspect 1,023 pieces of equipment in the new building. The health system's biomedical team would do these same services on the remaining equipment
  • Envision Planning was responsible for all FF&E for the project that included ordering and delivering all the equipment


  • The healthcare system did not have the resources to be able to complete the job in the time required
    • As with many biomedical departments, the customer team was stretched thin with their everyday responsibilities
  • The original scope of work changed as the project progressed:
    • The number of items CME was charged with inspecting and tagging went from 1023 to 1748
    • Originally, CME was going to inspect items by floors with a 3-phase approach. Because of project delays - which is always an issue when constructing a new building, the number of phases increased to 10
    • The protocols the customer originally outlined were modified along the way
  • Communication and Collaboration
    • CME had to coordinate with both Envision Planning and the healthcare system Biomedical team


  • Get all incoming equipment inspected and asset-tagged
  • Open all facilities on time

CME Solutions

  • The healthcare system did not have the resources to be able to complete the job in the time required...
    • CME had the extra resources to be able to augment the customer's team
    • CME designated two seasoned technical representatives to coordinate the customer's needs
  • The original scope of work changed as the project progressed
    • CME was accomodating and was able to absorb the extra 725 pieces of equipment
    • CME was flexible and changed their original timeline. They made 10 different trips and inspected whatever pieces of equipment that was available to them
    • CME modified the protocols when asked and documented everything the customer added to their scope of work.
  • Communication and Collaboration
    • CME constantly communicated with both Envision Planning and the healthcare system to make sure the job was progressing and that everyone was satisfied with the progress being made.


  • CME completed all asset-tagging and inspections in the timeframe allotted.
  • A detailed report on all documentation required was turned over to the customer in July 2021.

Keys to Success

  • Flexibility, accountability, patience, and a keen sense of urgency by all parties involved.


  • “CME was extremely flexible and efficient. Their techs were knowledgeable and very communicative. They saved the healthcare system team time and helped get the facility open on schedule,” said Heidi Penfold, Principal and Senior Planner, Envision Planning. 

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