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Ketchikan Medical Center

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PeaceHealth’s Ketchikan Medical Center funded a $62 million, 70,000 square foot expansion.


The PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center issued a single order to CME who handled everything including procurement, inspection, warehousing, assembly, staging, and delivery.


CME arranged logistic services, storing and keeping inventory of the new equipment items in their Seattle-area warehouse.


Once the items made the open water trek to Alaska, CME moved the equipment to an on-island warehouse where the staging and assembly were performed.

The CME Solution


PeaceHealth’s Ketchikan Medical Center in Ketchikan, Alaska


A $62 million, 70,000 square foot expansion of a new, two-story wing, consisting of 54 examination and operating rooms


Meet the installation and expansion requirements, and provide successful coordination for over 2,000 items of new equipment to be shipped to the island.


This facility is located on an Alaskan island without any highway access.

Due to limited space, the assembly, staging, and warehousing posed an obstacle.

Also, there was limited trucking and lodging on the island


Over 500 pallets were delivered, with barges running twice every week. The new equipment was transported to the hospital using small trucks that were ferried to the island.
After experiencing no downtime and having their equipment delivered and installed without damage, the facility was proud to open its new two-story wing.

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