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New York Presbyterian finished setting the foundation of their newest location. CME was selected to not only outfit the facility's medical equipment, but to also drive the logistics behind their order-to-install process. With purchase orders valued at $90 million, this would ultimately mean sending 120 deliveries to the center.

Understanding the logistical challenges of this city’s location, an off-site warehouse was secured in New Jersey to aid in the delivery and staging of equipment.

The CME team needed to work with Union Members, as they were contracted to unload all 120+ deliveries to the center. While obstacles had the power to derail the project, collaborative efforts between New York Presbyterian and CME kept the project on track.

The CME Solution


The New York Presbytarian David H. Koch Center in the New York Metropolitan area


Oversee and manage 120 deliveries, which were worth $90 million of purchase orders, and transport them to the hospital efficiently


Construct a medical facility that not only makes New York proud, but also offers an additional point of care.


Space limited as construction was under process

Seasonal impacts, winter weather and traffic delays began to affect travel routes

Deliveries performed in congested Manhattan location


New York Presbyterian opened a cutting-edge medical center that was on time and fully functional. The organization agreed that this project would not have been a success without an experienced medical equipment partner like CME.

Other Case Studies

Case Study

Ketchikan Medical Center

When a $62M expansion required over 2,000 pieces of new medical equipment shipped to a remote island, PeaceHealth knew they could rely on CME. With strict barge schedules and trucking logistics, even the Alaskan weather couldn't derail this project.

Case Study

Maryland-Based Health Care System

Recently, a regional health care system in Maryland completed 2 construction projects including 76 new exam rooms, rehab care, and a new lab. Utilizing their Capstone Health Alliance contract and working with CME Corp for the equipment, storage, and logistics, the system realized they were saving $182,300 over a previous bid, and the facilities opened on time.
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