Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

When You’re an EMS Every Day Brings a New Surprise

With limited space and a constant sense of urgency, you are always challenged to do more with less. Let CME help your EMS service find quality equipment, supplies, and services.

Quality care and patient satisfaction shouldn't be a drain on your budget. We’ll help you find the right products from leading manufacturers, and if there is an alternate, less-expensive option, we’ll show you that item too!


Cost Saving Analysis

For larger purchase orders, the CME team can put together clear and easy to understand pricing sheets. If an item has a comparable yet less-expensive competitor, we’ll show you that item too. Shop our catalog and visit our service pages. Whether it’s a new location, an expansion, or a remodel, CME is the solution you need.

Logistical Solutions

With over decades worth of experience, the CME team is here to handle warehousing, assembly, staging, delivery and installation of all purchase orders. With national coverage and multiple service centers, we have the solution to all your logistical needs.

Biomedical Services

Our relationship doesn’t have to end at installation. Take the worry of proper calibrations, routine maintenance, and CMS compliance out of the equation by utilizing CME Biomedical Service Technicians.

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Popular Product Categories

With over 1 million medical products from over 1,400 manufacturers, we know we have the right equipment for your facility.