Post-Pandemic Solutions

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Post-Pandemic Solutions

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What Do You Do With Your

Equipment After A Pandemic,

And How Do You Prepare

For The Next One?

CME Corp can help you manage the crucial emergency preparedness equipment once the pandemic peaks. Utilizing our DTS (direct-to-site) services and our service centers across the country, CME will pick-up, store, catalog, reassemble and deliver the equipment when you need it again. Whether you are repurposing the equipment, disposing of the equipment, or seeking a storage solution, CME is here to assist.

How can CME help with your Emergency Preparedness Equipment?

- Scheduling pick-up of equipment
- Transportation to a local CME Service Center
- Disassembling
- Cleaning/disinfecting
- Warehousing and storage
- Labeling and cataloging all equipment

- Inventory Management
Biomedical services to make sure equipment is ready to use
- Disposition services
- Assembling, staging of your products when needed again
- Delivery of equipment when needed again

CME has services centers, installation personnel, logistics and equipment specialists strategically located across the US to support any of your pandemic preparedness needs. Our products and services can be customized to meet your specific needs.
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