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Deadlines make or break capital equipment projects. With so many moving pieces and information scattered throughout multiple sources, it's easy to fall off schedule. Gathering product specifications, finding the right accessories and preparing and installing each piece of equipment to be ready for use the moment your facility opens requires teamwork and careful planning. Juggling multiple purchase orders requires coordinating various deliveries, each demanding space, and manpower. Without proper project management, you may find yourself purchasing out of date items, missing benchmarks, losing items and busting budgets with hidden costs. In fact, over 50% of new healthcare construction projects do not finish on time. That's why we’re here.

We understand the importance of tight deadlines, and the burden of tracking multiple purchase orders from various suppliers and manufacturers. We’ve invested and built a software that centralizes all this information for improved accuracy and real-time reporting. Our systems grant you access to the newest products, tracks benchmarks, monitors receiving, and coordinates installation. This centralized hub eliminates the hidden costs found in misordered equipment, handling various purchase orders, and delivery schedules. In addition to our proprietary project management software, our teams of medical equipment planners, install coordinators, and biomedical technicians are experts at working with in-house staff, construction and design teams to accomplish your vision.

With decades of experience, CME specializes in turnkey service delivery of healthcare equipment. We understand that everything we plan today is intended to provide quality patient care tomorrow, and the next day. As your guide to making informed choices, we will help you control and cut costs while ensuring your facility is fully functional and opened on time. Understanding the possible pitfalls which hinder capital equipment projects, we have built a roadmap for your success. We call it our Six Stages of Capital Equipment Planning and Services.

CME’s Six Stages of Capital Equipment Planning and Services

Performing a Cost Saving Analysis

It all begins when you find the best products at the most competitive price. Give up the hassle of juggling multiple purchase orders and vendors. Let us gather and consolidate all the information you need to compare products and make an informed choice. We provide the benefits found in the power of Group Purchasing Organizations with the reduction of multiple purchase orders and deliveries. Through our contract agreements with all of the major GPOs, our customers are presented with the best rates on medical equipment with reduced purchase orders.

Ordering the Right Equipment

With over 1 million medical products from over 1,400 manufacturers, we know we have the right equipment for your facility. With our clear and easy to understand pricing sheets, we show you less-expensive comparable options to modern equipment. Our offerings are continually updated, ensuring you have access to the most modern equipment, color pallets, features and accessories on the market. Avoid the pitfalls of dated lists, which can lead to ordering the wrong or outdated product, restocking fees, and expedited shipping costs for the rush delivery of the right products. In the event a product needs to be switched, our representatives offer you the best alternative distributor-recommended substitutions: saving you time, money and effort searching for equivalent substitution. All this is noted in our CME360 software.

Building Your CME360 Project Tracker

CME is the only national healthcare equipment supplier and logistics company with a universal automated system that views all equipment orders in real time and makes necessary – and possibly cost-saving – adjustments during the capital equipment purchasing process. Our CME360 platform consolidates product tracking and data relative to warehousing, staging, and assembly of your purchases, offering accurate and precise reporting. Watch as your project moves from quotes to installation! Avoid the devastating discovery that items are not accounted for as you approach the last stages of a project. Lost and delayed items push assembly and installation schedules back, which results in delays to an on-time opening. CME360 brings you the ability to track every product in real-time from the day the PO is generated to when your items placed in the facility through our direct to site services.

Utilizing CME Direct to Site Services

With an expandable warehouse space of 600,000 sq. Ft. we know we have enough room to receive and store your equipment orders. Our advanced receiving and warehousing allow us to gather your order, inspect all products, and even assemble and stage your entire order before delivery to your facility, ensuring delivery and set-up of all medical equipment purchases are timed effectively. We warehouse items ourselves, eliminating your need for any additional storage fees. Everything is properly labeled for placement in the desired end-room. Your equipment will be ready for use the moment you receive it and it is installed.

Scheduling Installation Services

With CME’s seamless direct to site delivery and white glove setup, your installation is scheduled for a date and time of your convenience, eliminating the need for third-party logistics companies, installers, and delivery men. Whether it’s a dock to dock delivery or wall mounting a unit, our installation team will get your equipment exactly where it needs to be for use, removing any packaging and debris along the way. When you work with our team, you avoid the hidden delivery, installation and disposal costs found with other installation services. Our services do not end at installation, our Technical Services team is here for you for the lifetime of your equipment. All you need is a service plan.

Building a Technical Services Plan

With proper calibrations, routine maintenance, and ensuring CMS compliance, we take complete care of equipment upkeep, allowing your facility to focus on patient care. The moment your new equipment is installed, it’s life cycle begins. You will want a service plan in place. Let our Biomedical Technicians extend the life of your products. Whether our team is complimenting your in-house resources, or running on their own; your clinical equipment, IT workstations and appraisals are designed to keep your maintenance schedule on time and up to date.

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