Maryland-Based Healthcare System

Case Study

Maryland-Based Healthcare System

Recently, a regional health care system in Maryland completed 2 construction projects including 76 new exam rooms, rehab care, and a new lab.

Utilizing their GPO contract and working with CME Corp for the equipment, storage, and logistics, the system realized they were saving $182,300 over a previous bid, and the facilities opened on time. 

The CME Solutions

  • The CME Account Manager worked closely and efficiently with the Manager of Strategic Sourcing to create a valid equipment list. CME gave the system a variety of equipment choices that reflected the exact specifications of the customer.
  • CME provided a detailed, complete quote including all product costs, spec sheets, and logistics cost for the budget. Logistics costs included the following: real-time tracking all items from the manufacturers to the CME local service center, receiving the products, checking for damage, filing any damage claims, storing the product, assembling the equipment, delivering everything directly to the rooms, installing items on the wall, and taking away all of the trash. CME utilized the GPO contracts to provide the best pricing on products and logistics.
  • CME facilitated any demos needed for end-users
  • CME provided the secure storage space for the construction projects
  • CME scheduled all deliveries with the healthcare system on their time, being mindful that they had to work around a fully functioning facility. They adhered to the pathways designated and used the appropriate-sized trucks

The CME Solution


A regional health care system in Maryland


  • A new 50,000 sq. ft., one-story complex that included urgent care, 6 physician suites, rehab care, and a new laboratory
  • The remodeling of an existing space to include a physician’s residency program


  • The acting project manager/equipment planner (the system’s Manager of Strategic Sourcing) only had 6 weeks to produce a budget that was concrete with no surprises or overages
  • To have both facilities open on time


  • Blueprints needed to be reworked
  • The equipment list had to be created from scratch within a short timeframe
  • Once the equipment list was created, they had to quickly get approval from all users
  • There was no storage space for new equipment
  • They didn’t have any resources to provide the staging, assembly, installation, and delivery directly to the rooms
  • There were strict regulations on entry pathways and delivery times, along with certain truck sizes that were allowed


  • Projects were completed within the initial budget
  • They saved $136,300 on the new construction project and $46,000 on the remodel project, totaling to $182,300, which included product and logistics savings
  • Both facilities were opened on time!
When asked about what differentiated CME from the other competitor, the Manager of Strategic Sourcing said, “it was the savings, the storage, the direct-to-site delivery included in their white-glove service and, most importantly, CME’s flexibility and speed in working with the healthcare system.”

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