Army Wellness Center Case Study

Army Wellness Center

Planning, Problem Solving,

and Flexibility 

A Case Study


In the spring of 2022, CME Corp was awarded an $8.7M project, by the prime contractor providing Initial Outfitting and Transition (IO&T) services, to procure and deliver to 43 U.S. Army Wellness Centers (AWC), on 10 bases across the United States, nearly 60,000 pieces of medical equipment... in six weeks.


CME, the Army's IO&T prime contractor and the U.S. Army completed a logistically complex project within the defined timeline. CME's direct-to-site service teams executed accurate and efficient delivery of equipment to the Army's health centers.

Procurement, Transportation, Assembly and Logisitics by the Numbers


Tight Timeline

A compressed timeline that required all products be delivered to CME warehouses within two weeks of the project launch.

Supplier Issues

All equipment had to be delivered to 43 brigades, on 10 bases across the United States, within a month of the complete order being received.


Many of the brigades are located in remote areas, some with stretches of unpaved roads.  Most brigades did not



CME's 9 warehouse teams received over 60,000 items. All were inspected for damage, sorted and kitted by brigade then labeled with JSN specific numbers.

Problem Solving

CME reconciled any damage or order discrepancies as well as resourcing backorders. Teams at CME warehouses packed 785 pallets and loaded them into 43 tractor trailers. 


In addition to the pallets, bobcats and required tools were also loaded into the tractor trailers in an effort to make delivery of the the new equipment as efficient as possible. Additional manpower was sourced for the project. 

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