3B Scientific Female Breast Anatomical Charts - Discontinued

This product is discontinued.

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This product has been discontinued. For information on a similar product or replacement please call us.

This product has been discontinued. For information on a similar product or replacement please call us.

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Posters are available with or without lamination. Non-laminated paper charts offer the most economical option for physicians and educators. Plastic mounting rods for paper charts are available and include a ring on the top rod to easily hang charts - See accessories below. Laminated posters are UV resistant, so the chart will not turn yellow and fade over time and the lamination ensures the chart will not curl at the edges. In addition, the lamination may be conveniently written on with non-permanent markers and wiped off.

Breast Anatomy Posters are useful for education and patient awareness. 3B Scientific Anatomical Charts are great for women's health clinics, medical facilities, and classrooms. Fabrication Enterprises offers a full line of 3B Scientific Charts for OB/GYN, human anatomy, injuries and diseases, and massage and acupuncture.

  • Anatomically correct diagrams
  • Provides breast self-exam instructions and details breast pathologies
  • Great visual aid for patient education and medical studies
  • Printed on premium glossy paper
  • Plain paper or laminated styles available
  • Non-laminated paper is most economical option
  • Laminated paper is most durable
  • Lamination may be written on with non-permanent marker
  • All charts are 19.7 x 26.4 in
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