AMBCO 2500 Pure Tone Storage Audiometer Systems

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The AMBCO 2500 Pure Tone Audiometric Hearing Test is an easy-to-use, microprocessor controlled air conduction audiometer for testing hearing. Model 2500 Pure Tone Audiometers have automatic, semi-automatic, and manual test modes for testing up to 8000 Hz. The AMBCO 2500 Audiometer is computer compatible with an internal memory of up to 260 tests. Additional features of the Pure Tone Audiometer include a large character LCD display, fast print (less than 20 seconds depending on printer), visual and audible alarms, and pause and resume controls. With this Storage Audiometer System, you will be able to monitor test conditions in process and input social security numbers as a patient id.

Pure Tone air conduction testing is done according to established audiometric procedures. The Model 2500 recognizes and monitors false responses and will alarm if the patient registers four false responses at any frequency. Therefore, the hearing test establishes the patient's true hearing threshold level for that frequency and ear.

The AMBCO 2500 Hearing Test Meter includes the Model 2500 Audiometer, headphones, wall mount adapter, patient response switch, instruction manual, and printer interface cable. In addition, the AMBCO 2500 can be purchased in two package options. The AMBCO 2500w/printer includes the DPU-414 Printer featuring a large and fast print out of results and includes printer paper. The 2500pkg may also be purchased, which includes the DPU-414 Printer as well as the OTO-CHEK system. The latest calibration date, test date, and calibration due date are included on the printed report.

Audiometers need to be calibrated regularly to ensure accurate and reliable measurements. The Ambco OTO-CHEK Audiometer Test Simulator is a ready-to-use Ear Simulator System designed for biological audiometer calibration checks. The OTO-CHEK meets Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other requirements for Biological Audiometer Calibration Checks for Medical Audiometer Products. The Audiometer Test Simulator will test a frequency range from 125 to 8000 Hz with a continuous or pulsed stimulus format. Each OTO-CHEK includes the OTO-CHEK, headphones, OTO-CHEK cord, AC adapter, and 9V battery. For best results, it is recommended to use the AMBCO OTO-CHEK in a sound booth.

The AMBCO Pure Tone Model 2500 Audiometer is user friendly, ideally suited for industrial and occupational health practices. This Pure Tone Audiometer is designed for those able to signal a response with the raise of a hand or by pushing the patient response button. See accessories below for headset accessories, patch cords, patient response hand switch, earphone receiver, autogram pads, and AC adapter. The AMBCO Model 2500 Audiometer meets or exceeds American National Standards Institute (ANSI) methods for pure-tone threshold audiometry, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) audiometric measuring instrument standards, and other requirements. AMBCO Audiometers are proudly made in the USA.

AMBCO 2500 Package Includes:
  • AMBCO 2500 Pure Tone Audiometer
  • Headphones
  • Patient Response Switch
  • Instruction Manual
  • AC adapter
  • Patch Cord
AMBCO 2500 with Printer Also Includes:
  • DPU-414 Printer
  • AC Adapter
  • Printer Cable
  • Printer Paper
AMBCO 2500 also Includes:
  • DPU-414 Printer, AC Adapter, Printer Cable, Printer Paper
  • OTO-CHEK Test Simulator
  • OTO-CHEK Cord
  • AC Adapter
  • 9V Battery
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