Bovie Aaron Disposable Loops and Square Electrodes

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Surgical Hysteroscopes by BR Surgical carry optical and light channels. A hysteroscope is used for the inspection of the uterine cavity by access through the cervix. Hysteroscopy is a useful tool in the inspection and treatment of conditions such as Asherman's Syndrome, endometrial polyps, gynecologic bleeding, endometrial ablation, myomectomy for uterine fibroids, removal of embedded IUDs and the evacuation of retained products of conception.

  • Available as a loop or square shape
  • Designed for Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone (LLETZ)
  • Made of high quality tungsten wire
  • Compatible with all Bovie generators
  • Ideal for excision procedures
  • 3/32" (2.3 mm) standard shaft
  • Sterile
  • Double molding process with with molded ribbed safety grips
  • Packaged in a patented protective tray to prevent damage during shipping
  • 100 percent tested safety insulation
  • Proudly made in the USA
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